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Considerations to Keep in Mind When Conducting an Intranet Redesign
May 18, 2018

Many companies put little thought into their internal intranet, treating it as simply a document repository, but it has the potential to be so much more. When utilized to the fullest extent possible, na intranet can become a private website for company employees, allowing for a place to share news, store documents, and encourage collaboration. Let’s explore the top considerations to keep in mind when conducting an intranet redesign.

Intranet Value

To determine the amount of time and money you want to invest in a redesign, you must understand how an intranet benefits your employees. Finding out exactly how they use the intranet is essential for getting the best return on investment. This can be done through examining and providing the value that they need to help them do their job more efficiently.

Opportunity Cost

If there is not system in place to organize information, people may spend unnecessary time looking for a specific document, form, or other information they need to complete work. Opportunity cost is how much time your employees spend doing things outside of their work. For example, if an employee spends 20 minutes each day searching for information, that equates to more than 85 hours of lost time over the course of a year. If your organization has 100 employees, that amounts to 8,500 hours of paid work time.

Adoption Encouragement

A huge hurdle after an intranet redesign is employee adoption. Since people are creatures of habit, they often will use their current methods of completing work, even if a more efficient way is available. Encourage adoption through making sure the intranet has current and updated information and that it is as relevant as possible to the individuals who will be using it.

Platform Selection

One of the most critical aspects of an intranet redesign is the selection of the platform it will run on. Determine your requirements and choose a platform that will be able to meet them. Just because you have a system already in place, doesn’t mean it is the right fit for your business needs moving forward. Look at the platform best for your business and determine whether existing solutions can be integrated into the redesigned intranet.


Overall, a successful intranet provides a centralized location for employees to disseminate information quickly and access valuable resources. This can provide a great value not only for small business, but large organizations as well. Through understanding the needs of your employees and determining how your intranet can provide them with value, you can redesign to create an essential tool for collaboration and communication. 

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