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Intranet Portal June 8, 2018

Intranet Features Every Law Firm Needs

Law firms that choose to incorporate a legal intranet have the potential to increase productivity, improve ease of access to information, and streamline business processes. This is easily available in one central platform with simple, easy-to-use functionality. READ MORE

Software Development June 1, 2018

Custom Software Solutions for Business Organizations

When developing customized software, a tailored solution is created in order to ensure that all preferences are accommodated. Companies, both large and small, use tailored software for varying functions including inventory management, content management, human resources, customer management, and filling the gaps found in existing platforms. Customized solutions make it possible to take charge of any obstacles and hidden nuances as they are built specifically for an organization. READ MORE

Intranet Portal May 25, 2018

Top Intranet Components Employees Utilize

Company intranets form the foundation for workflow automation, centralized data structure, and employee communication. With the right features, collaboration and productivity within your organization will be better facilitated. Without these components, an intranet becomes a hindrance to getting work done. READ MORE

Intranet Portal May 18, 2018

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Conducting an Intranet Redesign

A successful intranet portal provides a centralized location for employees to disseminate information quickly, access valuable resources, and optimize workflow processes. This can provide a great value not only for small businesses, but large organizations as well. Through understanding the needs of your employees and determining how your intranet can provide them with value, you can redesign to create an essential tool for collaboration and communication. READ MORE

Software Development May 11, 2018

Build vs. Buy: Custom Software in Comparison to Standard Solutions

Balancing the needs of your company in relation to its long-term growth can be both paramount and challenging. Often you wonder whether you should aggressively invest in long-term initiatives or take a less expensive and more conservative approach. The decision to build versus buy is a significant decision for many businesses when addressing their software needs. Developing a custom software solution can provide a multitude of benefits but you should take careful consideration before making this decision. READ MORE

Software Development May 4, 2018

Top Benefits of Custom Software Development

Software can be divided into two categories comprising of packaged, or “off-the-shelf”, and custom. When software is custom-made, it is fully developed to meet the needs of the user. Although packaged solutions used to showcase new tactics that improved the processes of nearly every business in its early years, ever-changing technology has proven that these “one size fits all” products fall short. This has prompted a greater demand for custom software development that is designed to meet the specific needs of an organization. READ MORE

User Interface April 27, 2018

Top User Interface Trends This Year

Many concepts come and go while others stay on the course and become fundamental to design components. Change is a constant in this industry, making it imperative to stay relevant. User interface choices should always be fuelled by achieving a great user experience. READ MORE

Business Development April 20, 2018

Implementing eCommerce In Your Business

The ability to sell both products and services online is referred to as eCommerce. This facet of technology has completely revolutionized the way in which consumers now shop, with nearly 70% of the country engaging in eCommerce shopping at least once a month. Given these statistics, what does it mean for your business? READ MORE

Software Development April 13, 2018

What’s So Special About Custom Software?

Custom software is developed specifically for a business or organization to fit its particular needs. Although there is an abundance of software out there that can provide effective solutions, custom software allows customers to decide specific functionality based on presenting concerns. Every business is unique, therefore, its requirements are different. But what is really so special about custom software? READ MORE

Business Development April 6, 2018

Improve Internal Business Processes Through Custom Software

Today’s business environment is strongly driven by fast and smart production of both goods and services. This sets each company apart from the rest and makes them as competitive as possible. It is important to take account of new information and update how it is being used. To keep your business running smoothly, it is essential to analyze the management of even the simplest tasks. READ MORE

Business Development March 30, 2018

Living In a Software Defined World

We currently are living in the golden era of software development, presented with an unlimited choice of tools, platforms, and architectural styles. Practically everything we do is channeled through a code someone devised. From a business standpoint, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are staying afloat during this game-changing shift in IT. READ MORE

Software Development March 23, 2018

Custom Software Development 101

Selecting a company to create a software application for your business is no easy task. Most businesses must search for a local company that promises the right price and level of services. Subsequently, meetings to assess needs and determine the total amount of work required will follow. It is important to keep in mind that initial pricing is difficult to set in stone as some projects may require additional time and money. READ MORE

Intranet Portal March 16, 2018

Top Reasons Your Company Requires a Custom Intranet

The days of standard one-way corporate communications are long gone and the business landscape continues to change. Information overload is prevalent everywhere which means that companies need to create more effective and streamlined processes. If someone were to ask whether your company is keeping up with the ever-changing business world, what would be your response? READ MORE
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