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Implementing eCommerce In Your Business
April 20, 2018

The ability to sell both products and services online is referred to as eCommerce. This facet of technology has completely revolutionized the way in which consumers now shop, with nearly 70% of the country engaging in eCommerce shopping at least once a month. Given these statistics, what does it mean for your business? It was only within the past few years that eCommerce became popular. Previously it was geared towards mega brands but has now become essential for big and small businesses alike.

While it can be agreed upon that it is a necessary component for many companies selling products or services, often there are concerns over whether it is an affordable solution and the ease of implementation for those who do not have a custom-designed website. Additionally, there are tax implications to consider and you must determine whether your product offering really lends itself to this digital innovation.

Simply put, eCommerce is a technology that allows businesses to sell products online through converting a website into a storefront. If you determine that the functionality is appropriate for the services you offer, the next step is choosing an eCommerce partner. Considerations such as budget, current digital setup, and cost must be kept in mind, but there are a wealth of solutions available that focus on the creation, implementation, and management of an eCommerce storefront.

As technology and software has developed over the years, online shopping has grown immensely, resulting in lowered costs for the implementation of an eCommerce platform. While small businesses may be able to get by through utilizing services such as WordPress and Wix, a more tailored approach is always best.

Companies such as NextGen Connect are able to take your ideas and create a customized approach to ensure top-notch success for your company. Whether you enjoy online shopping or opt for a more traditional approach, eCommerce is here to stay. Now is the time to take advantage as the global market becomes more connected. There continues to be an increased demand for convenient and mobile-friendly shopping solutions.

If your business model is suited for eCommerce implementation, it is time to get ahead of your competitors and broaden your reach to consumers. Instead of making customers find your nearest branch of business in the real world, give them the ease of access one click away. 

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