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Intranet Features Every Law Firm Needs
June 8, 2018

In the context of law firms, the saying “time is money” is more relevant than almost any other industry. This is why finding opportunities to streamline and automate business processes as well as increase productivity and improve information access is a priority. A legal intranet is the portal for doing so. Let’s examine the top intranet features that every law firm needs.

1. Staff Directory

A directory of staff members, especially in large law firms with a substantial amount of partners, associates, and paralegals, is essential for any legal intranet. It can be next to impossible to remember the names and faces along with the cases they are working on, making a people directory containing photos, contact information, and a summary of projects essential.

2. Online Forms

Forms are an integral part of any law firm. Whether it is to file an expense claim, record time spent working on a case, or setting up a new client on the system, forms contained in an intranet can be completed online, ultimately eliminating he duplication involved in processing paper forms. Furthermore, customizable form templates make for ease of access and use.

3. Knowledge Management Portal

Rather than having information sources, document management systems, and databases across multiple platforms, all information is stored on the intranet. This knowledge management portal can contain an advanced search functionality along with filters to ensure quick and easy access to information. Additionally, the knowledge portal can be updated to reflect changing case law and new legislation.

4. Collaboration Opportunities

During complex cases, input from specialized team members may be necessary. Collaboration spaces within the intranet can allow staff members to brainstorm ideas, share information, and work jointly on file. An intranet will lessen the need to email updates or schedule face-to-face meetings. Instead, team members can log into a central location prompting collaboration and efficiency.

5. Company News

A top benefit of a legal intranet is improved communication. Company and team news through online newsletters, blogs, and news feeds can highly key information across the business. Furthermore, a corporate calendar can be incorporated and used as a way to highly key events and dates such as trials, billing cut-offs, and staff parties.

6. Security

Law firms deal with highly sensitive and confidential information on a day-to-day basis. This data must be entirely safe and secure from hackers as well as unauthorized users. Through utilizing the latest SSL security encryption, protection from malware and hackers is heightened.


Law firms that choose to incorporate a legal intranet have the potential to increase productivity, improve ease of access to information, and streamline business processes. This is easily available in one central platform with simple, easy-to-use functionality. If you are considering implementing an intranet for your law firm, contact the knowledgeable team at NextGen Connect and see the different it could make. 

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