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Top User Interface Trends This Year
April 27, 2018

The world wide web and user interface design is fast moving, making it difficult to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing trends. The following is a list of the most important trends being implemented this year.

Full Screen Video

Video has steadily been on the rise and immersive, full-screen options are a great way to quickly grab a user’s attention. The success of imagery has slowly paved the way for video, where it is being used more in digital design. Video is dynamic and great at catching the eye of users as well as a means of visual storytelling. While conventional imagery will always be a popular option, utilizing interactive and fullscreen video is a powerful medium to engage users.

Vivid Colors

Flat design used to be the go-to in the design community, resulting in muted colors. While it still remains a practical philosophy, it showcases a similar landscape across the web. Brands that want to stand out need to ditch this concept and focus on their personality through experimenting with vivid colors and gradients. Vivid colors inject energy and dynamic elements into a project, making strong statements.


Web font services are ever-increasing, with more brands beginning to embrace big and bold typography. This is just another creative medium for brands and designers alike to experiment with when creating content, especially when it is full of personality. Using typography in conjunction with imagery, video, and vivid colors creates unique experiences that are definitely on the rise this year.

Experimental Navigation

Navigation and menus are a hot topic for designers. With the increasing use of hamburger menus, there is a larger creative scope. When the menu is hidden, designers are provided with a window to craft a creative solution. Navigations are no longer restricted to a single row of lines distinctively placed at the top. Website designers are able to prioritize usability while placing emphasis on aesthetics as well.


Many concepts come and go while others stay on the course and become fundamental to design components. Change is a constant in this industry, making it imperative to stay relevant. User interface choices should always be fuelled by achieving a great user experience. Professionals at NextGen Connect understand the latest trends and the importance of developing creative designs to make your business competitive. To learn more about what we can offer, contact us today. 

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