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Top Intranet Components Employees Utilize
May 25, 2018

Company intranets form the foundation for workflow automation, centralized data structure, and employee communication. With the right features, collaboration and productivity within your organization will be better facilitated. Without these components, an intranet becomes a hindrance to getting work done. If you want to improve your company intranet and invest into the right features, read below to see the top components that employees utilize.

Document Management

From slideshows and spreadsheets, to text documents and presentations, all documents needs to be shared among employees and consolidated. With better document management, employees can easily find the information they need. A good document management system creates organizational infrastructure while ensuring they are kept secure. Employees can collaborate easily and on the same documents without losing data.

Dynamic Widgets

If you want to automatically customize content pages and dashboards, dynamic widgets can provide a specific function such as displaying a document list, event calendar, blogs, and many other resources. They can be moved depending on each employee focus. The ability to easily tailor your desktop based on needs is essential for employees.

Team Workspace

Whether formal or information, team workspaces allow for employees to work together with others on shared projects. This enables easy participation in conversations and the ability to share documents. Workspaces move work out of email threads and into centralized collaborative areas that are more efficient, searchable, and both open or private based on needs.

Mobile Responsive Design

Most individuals work not only on their own personal computers, but also through mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are heavily used for everything from sending emails to working on important documents. An intranet must have a built-in mobile responsive design for both ease of use as well as increase security.

Third Party Integration

A developer application program interface (API) specifies how software components should interact. This makes it possible for companies to develop their own custom software to interface with the intranet. Virtually any features can be added that are not already available, offering a robust solution that integrates with existing systems and platforms.

Intuitive Search

With the growth of your organization comes the need for an intuitive contextual search. This can help employees drill down to the information they need through searching the documents that are most applicable and relevant. Intuitive search allows employees to find important information much faster.

Event Management

One of the top features of company intranets is the ability to create and manage events. Through solid event management, companies can easily update information and track which employees attend each event. This not only aids in improving organization culture, but standardizes training throughout the company.


If you are looking to develop a new intranet for your business or simply redesign a current one, it is essential to know what features will help employees increase their productivity and efficiency. This can be done through a team discussion or a survey for larger corporations. If you have questions on how to incorporate or update and intranet into your business, NextGen Connect has a team of experts willing to work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more! 

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