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Top Reasons Your Company Requires a Custom Intranet
March 16, 2018

The days of standard one-way corporate communications are long gone and the business landscape continues to change. Information overload is prevalent everywhere which means that companies need to create more effective and streamlined processes. If someone were to ask whether your company is keeping up with the ever-changing business world, what would be your response? Luckily, the new technological advancements can help manage these processes in a more simplified way through the use of an intranet. An intranet is a private network contained within an enterprise, only accessible to organizational staff.

One of the biggest decisions that a business must make when deciding to move forward with a intranet is whether they should buy a pre-created product or customize it for their specific needs. There are advantages and challenges to either option. If you decide to purchase an intranet that is already developed, you are able to quickly deploy it and it tends to be easy enough for staff to understand. This also means choosing out-of-the-box functionality. If you are looking to build and customize an intranet, it will be suited towards your specific business environment but often requires consulting services and an elongated implementation period.

While buying an intranet often sounds more appealing, building one can offer a more long-term solution that targets the needs of your organization. A custom intranet allows for efficient and effective streamlining, which results in a simplification within the workplace and reduced employee inquiries through placing everything in one spot. Additionally, intranets provide a centralized document location that leads to improved communication amongst employees. Through these processes, a custom intranet helps foster and create an online community within an organization.

Though it may seem like a daunting task, building an intranet is essential for running your business in today’s age. It creates an online workplace that connects everyone regardless of his or her location and makes information easily acquirable so individuals can spend more time getting work done and less time searching or files and data. If you are ready to simplify your company’s internal processes through improving knowledge management, supporting collaboration, and maximizing efficiency, contact professionals at NextGen Connect to learn more about how we can provide solutions! 

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